Youth Hockey Tips

Monthly Ice Schedules

October 9, 2009

Youth Hockey tips

Former Chicago Wolves Coach, Don Granato and his five siblings, played many sports while growing up.  However, it was their love of hockey that survived.  As Mom of these die-hard hockey fans, I want to share my insight on how hockey translates to family fun.


TIP  # 1     Monthly Ice Schedules

Hey kids and parents, are you all set for the new season of club or travel hockey?  By now you have probably completed the preseason conditioning and tryouts.  You are most likely just as excited as your favorite WOLVES player to lace up those skates for your first game.

Let’s go over some of the important steps to prepare for a fun season.  First of all, let’s figure out what your contribution to the sport will be off the ice.  How about starting with what you can do to help your parents get you to the rink on time.  If you’re old enough to read this article, then you’re old enough to understand what is about to be said.
Your monthly schedule is the most important thing to pay attention to when it comes to playing on a team.  If you can’t find the correct date and/or time for your practice or game, what good will that equipment do for you?  What will your teammates do without you?  The following pointers should help.


  1. When the schedule comes out, go over it with Mom and Dad.  First of all, be sure it is in calendar form.  If it’s not, ask your parent for help transferring it to the calendar. 
  2. Next ask Mom and Dad to see if there are any conflicting dates on the calendar such as music lessons; religion classes; dental or eye appointments.  How about your best friend’s birthday party or tickets to a WOLVES Hockey Game?  Decide at the beginning of the season how you will handle a conflict.  Will you reschedule events that coincide, or will you manage to fit everything in by squeezing your time to fit both?
  3. Display your schedule where you can see easily.  You may want a copy for the kitchen and one for your bedroom.  Be sure Mom and Dad have a copy also for their office, cell phone or car organizer.
  4. Make a habit of checking your schedule often to see what is going on each day or week. 

Okay, you have the schedule thing down perfectly!  Now let’s see what you can do to
help Mom and Dad make it to the rink on time.


  1. Get your homework done and finish up any school projects.
  2. Pack a snack or eat a healthy meal before your game.  Fill your water bottle and put it in your hockey bag.
  3. Have your bag packed; your sticks and jersey together; your jacket and shoes ready to step into.
  4. If you have younger siblings, see if they need your help to get out the door on time.

Way to go!  You are all set to succeed.  Now get going and have a fun season!   And don’t forget, GO WOLVES !!!

Wolves head coach, Don Grantao, with his mom, Natalie.Natalie Granato is the mother of former Wolves Coach Don Granato.  A true Hockey Mom in every sense of the word, Natalie has attended thousands of games while parenting her six children, four of whom play hockey.  From the small outdoor rinks that her kids skated on to the International and Professional games she’s attended, nothing thrills Natalie more than to share her family’s love of hockey with others.  Write with your comments.



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