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Game Highlights

Game Highlights
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Feb. 24 vs. Rockford

Feb 19 vs Charlotte

Feb. 18 vs. Charlotte

Feb 15 vs. Grand Rapids

Feb 11 at Rockford

Feb. 10 at Rockford

Feb. 7 vs. Houston

Feb. 4 vs. Peoria

Feb. 3 vs. Rockford

Jan. 27 at Milwaukee

Jan. 25 at Abbotsford

Jan. 24 at Abbotsford

Jan. 21 vs. Rockford

Jan. 20 at Rockford

Jan. 18 vs. Texas

Jan. 14 vs. Lake Erie

Jan. 13 vs. Milwaukee

Jan. 11 vs. Rockford

Jan 8 vs Charlotte

Jan. 7 vs. Lake Erie

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