Breed: Husky

Owner Name: Diane Cesnovar

Adoption Year: 2010

Adoption Story:
On April 10, 2010, we attended our last home game of the Wolves. True to form, the Wolves had the mobile dog adoption going on that night, but we were late so I wanted to go right into the game. My husband, Mike, talked me into going to see the dogs since the crowd would mostly be watching the game. That night, there was a litter of pups born in a shelter, husky mix. There were several tri-colors, but only one white one, so I asked about him. I wanted a boy dog after having to put down my beloved Beagle, Albert, in August 2009. Mike always wanted a Husky. I said "tell me about the white one." "HIS name is Klondike!" I knew right then, we had hit the Trifecta!!! You see, I wanted a male; Mike wanted a Husky and my brother who lives with us eats a Klondike bar almost every night before going to bed. I asked Mike how much money he had. Between the two of us, we scraped together the $65 adoption fee, completed the adoption paperwork, and took home our new pal that night. We introduced him to his two sisters, Honey and Sweetie. The best part of all is that he loves to play hockey on our 30 x 14 deck. We use old plastic coffee cans and a broom - it does not matter what season it is - Klondike is always ready for GAME ON!!