Front Office

Name Position Phone
Mike Gordon President of Business Operations 847-832-1960
Courtney Mahoney Senior Vice President of Operations 847-832-1950
Kevin Dooley Sr. Executive Director of Ticket Sales 847-832-1957
Dave Pawelek Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances 847-832-1930
Eric Zavilla Executive Director of Tickets Sales and Retention 847-832-1938
Jackie Schroeder Director of Ticket Sales and Services 847-832-1935
Stefanie Evans Director of Program Development 847-832-1939
Rob Newburg Youth Hockey Coordinator 847-832-1993
Aaron Holz Ticket Sales and Services Coordinator 847-832-1936
John Golz Sr. Account Executive 847-832-1943
Anthony Krzyzak Account Executive 847-832-1995
Steve Winner e-Business Specialist 847-832-1947
Janel James Senior Account Executive 847-832-1982
Pawel Sienko Account Representative 847-832-1988
Mike Czopek Account Representative 847-832-1948
Kayla Yingst Group Account Representative & Client Coordinator 847-832-1946
Jon Sata Vice President of Partnerships 847-832-1940
Kendele Carney Partnerships Client Service Manager 847-832-1958
Mark Iralson Partnerships Sales Executive 847-832-1991
Greg Sprott Manager, Partnerships 847-832-1956