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21 Feb
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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 8 Recap

I have never been a fan of the hometown dates. It seems like every year it is the same conversations between the bachelor and bachelorette. It's getting too repetitive.

Then, at the end of each of the dates, the bachelor or bachelorette asks the parents for permission to propose. Always an awkward conversation and it’s hilarious because they are asking for permission to marry just weeks after meeting each other. This may be my shortest blog ever, but here's how it all went down:

AshLee: Houston, Texas

Sean told AshLee that he will always protect her and that he loves what they have.

Ashlee said, "I've been dreaming of this day since I was 4 or 5 years old." Oh, you have, huh? You dreamed that you would go on the show at the age of 32 because you knew you wouldn't find anyone.

Sean asked AshLee’s dad for permission to marry his daughter and her father says, “Yes.” Who in their right mind would let their daughter marry a guy who she met on a reality show? And only has known him for five weeks? And the guy is dating three other women?

You can definitely tell that gorgeous AshLee is not related to her mom. Holy crap! Nice lady but, wow, that lady is not a looker. I never say that about people, but I couldn’t let this slide.

Catherine: Seattle, Wash.

I've said this before, but these two are always having a great time laughing and giggling.

Her sisters told Sean how close they are to Catherine and then three minutes later they were telling him how big of a slob she is. How can you be close to someone and then dis them on national television? After having egg rolls and Crab Rangoon for dinner, Sean asked Catherine’s mother for permission to propose and he never received an answer.

Lindsay: Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

Sean was very nervous to meet Lindsay’s father because he is a general in the U.S. Army. Not sure why because it's not like the guy was going to shoot him or anything.

After talking with Lindsay's dad, he gets permission to marry her. Sean should have told him that another father also gave him permission to marry another girl.

Desiree: Los Angeles

We all remember the joke Sean played on Desiree at the beginning of the season in the art museum and now it's Desiree's turn to get him back.

She had an actor knock on the door while her and Sean were hanging out at her house and he acted as if he were her ex-boyfriend. The man told Desiree he loved her and that's when Sean started to get heated. After a few moments, Desiree told Sean it was a joke. It was actually a good prank.

Desiree’s parents and brother came over to her house for dinner and their one-on-one meetings with Sean. It all went great, but the brother definitely ruined it for her. He called Sean a "playboy" and didn't think Sean was into her. Part of me thinks that ABC told the brother to do it, but who knows?

Rose Ceremony

Lindsay and AshLee both received roses. When it came to the final rose, Sean was stumped and had to walk away. Chris Harrison gave Sean some of the best advice that one could ever give someone: "My advice to you is get this thing right. You don't want to be wrong." Hey, Chris, thanks for that. Sean wanted to get it wrong and you saved him!

Sean came back and gave Catherine the rose, which meant Desiree was headed home to kick her brother in the groin. It was time for Desiree to go. I liked her about five episodes ago and each episode since then she has kind of annoyed me. Not sure why. When it was all said and done, I don't think her brother’s attitude toward Sean had anything to do with Des leaving.

Who's left?


My Final Two


I predict AshLee to go home after this week. Nothing wrong with AshLee, I just think he has a better connection with the other two. At least that's what ABC has been showing.

Mike Davies

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