15 Mar

All season long I've been asked these three questions: Who left the note? Will he propose? Is he really a born-again virgin.

28 Feb

This is the week of the "fantasy suites" and it's always so awkward when they are asked if they would like to use it for the night. I always wonder exactly what goes on in that suite and if any weird fantasies actually happen. ABC should partner with HBO and broadcast just the Fantasy Suite Night on HBO. Genius. Anyway, here's what went down…

21 Feb

I have never been a fan of the hometown dates. It seems like every year it is the same conversations between the bachelor and bachelorette. It's getting too repetitive.

14 Feb

The crew finally heads south to the tropical island of St. Croix. This only means more of shirtless Sean. This is a big week for Sean and the girls as we head into hometown dates. The six girls left are the ones who I thought would be in contention for hometown dates. Here's what happened this week:

08 Feb

Bachelor Episode 5

The girls and Sean head off to Montana this week. Being the outdoors type of guy, Sean wanted to be outside.  That's great, but how about you take them somewhere tropical so we can see the girls in swimsuits? This week was another episode.