02 March 2010

Remember When: Tim Bergland

Right wing Tim Bergland
Tim Bergland expected the International Hockey League to be different than the National Hockey League. What he didn’t expect was to have such a great time with the Chicago Wolves.

“It was a very good league and great city. I really enjoyed the people and the lifestyle. It is always fun for my wife and family to go back and visit friends.”

Like many other players who have skated for the Wolves, the former right wing’s favorite memory and biggest accomplishment was winning a championship - the organization’s first - the 1998 Turner Cup.

“Winning the first championship with the team was a great accomplishment and one of the more special memories I have, it is just such a great feeling of achievement.”

Individually, my biggest accomplishment was my consecutive games. At one point, I think I played 160 games in a row and I am very proud of that.”

Bergland felt like his work ethic on the ice was returned in the organization’s commitment to the team.

“The ownership group to me was second to none in anywhere I played,” he said. “They developed a very good atmosphere there. You wanted to play for them and you wanted to succeed.”

There is no doubt Bergland made an impact on the organization, but what is surprising is the impact the organization had on him.

“I miss the guys themselves, the owners, the coaches, the trainers, everyone,” he fondly recalled. “I try to keep up with how they are doing every year and where their players are ending up. I know the ownership is still the same and a lot of the front office is still the same. I miss that part of the Wolves, because they were such a great group of people.”