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Breed: Palmchi

Owner Name: Veronica

Adoption: October 2012

I met this love while on the clock at Allstate Arena one evening. I saw him and absolutely fell in love. He was no bigger than my hand, being about three months. The second I held him, I knew he was mine.

So I started begging my mom (who also works with me). I had no mercy, this pup was mine. I cried and begged like I never have before. She stuck to her guns, though.

A little while later MY puppy had a bandana around him, symbolizing he was adopted. I thought ! was going to be sick. I closed up my stand watching for that lucky girl/guy. I sulked to the warehouse disappointed. I grabbed my belongings and waited for my mom to finish. As she walked through the commissary with a large , little head popped up! It was MY little Benny!

Ever since that day, there isn’t a night I don’t love to snuggle up with this peanut.