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The Bachelor: Season 19 Ep. 1 Recap

We are SO excited to take over (or at least try to) Mike Davies’ Bachelor blog for the Chicago Wolves! We can’t wait to hear from you all throughout this season, we look forward to sharing our thoughts with you all! Here goes nothing!!  ~XO–Mr. & Mrs. Pistol


Yes, we all loved Chris on Andi’s season of the Bachelorette, but once it was clear that he actually was a farmer…personally we (and many others) knew that he would never be picked. Now that he is picking the girl for him, we wonder if these girls are all aware of his lifestyle.

Don’t get us wrong. We think all of his other qualities (looks, romantic side, personality) could outweigh the fact that he wants a woman that will want to live on his farm. But even if the women agree will they actually move and change their life…probably not. One of the first things mentioned on his “Bachelor profile” is that he is a farmer (a “stylish successful” one) from a town of 427 people. I (Natalie, but Pistol agrees as well) would SPRINT the other way.

But who knows? All the girls may have grown up wanting to be a farmer’s wife. Again, doubtful, but there has to be a reason they were picked (besides the obvious alcoholic, drama queen, and the psychotic obsessed ones).  Regardless the girls’ intentions, we both agree that this season will not disappoint. When has there ever been a disappointing bachelor season? (Besides Jake Pavelka…we just pretend that his season never happened).


Each year the introductions for each girl just get better and better. A huge hippie, a news producer who likes to show off her gymnast skills on the side, a crazy ballet teacher, and a rose-passing-out flight attendant (hard to believe the limos have yet to arrive). By far one of the best things about this show is the limo introductions: 30 seconds to show who you are and 90 percent of the girls really try so hard. It’s the best!

OK, so here we go. Johnny McCarthy joined us for this episode, so the three of us provided these thoughts during limo introductions (get ready!!). Obviously we can’t comment on every girl, so we chose our favorites to react to — both good and bad reactions, of course!

Britt: Although she almost had a meltdown during her two-minute hug, we all think she is a frontrunner – Duh! First-impression rose! — if Chris can get past the hippie side/free hug side.

Megan: She was surprisingly normal to us, a good-looking 24-year-old blonde with not really a major flaw. Impressive.

Tara: We all appreciated Tara’s effort for her entrance. After all, she ended up with two entrances. Job well done, Tara.

Kaitlyn: Aggressive. We all kind of gasped when she immediately said, “You can plow my ****** field any day.” We are pretty sure she didn’t tell her parents she was going on this show.

Becca: We all loved Becca! Great entrance. Chris loved her. It was pretty clear Chris was the only person that liked her, the girls were so jealous.

Brittany: WWE training. If she was going to put the effort into bringing a poster, she should have written more than one word: #soulesmate

Carly: Karaoke singer. The song was way too long. Johnny McCarthy suggested walking slower or singing faster, and we wished she wasn’t singing when she came face-to-face.

Ashley S.: Unfortunately, she was our biggest train wreck for first impressions. The onion comparison that turned into a pomegranate obsession was hard to watch.

Jade: By far the best entrance. Normal. Good-looking. Our favorite!


Interesting intro for Chris, a farmer on a motorcycle. Not only did he ride in on it, he pretended for it to be completely normal to stare at one of his family farms while sitting on his motorcycle and letting America know that he compares love to farming and that he likes to mention farming every chance he gets. Huge red flag!

Chris, unlike Bachelors in the past, isn’t as awkward during the limo walkouts. The girls make it the most awkward, and we all are enjoying his reaction to each one.

It’s hilarious that the girls are getting mad about the girls that they already knew were coming…how dare the “others” come to the party that they were all invited to at the same time!

We were not surprised by Chris’s first impression rose. She had a good first impression, and the almost kiss in the beginning was obvious there was chemistry!

During the rose ceremony, we couldn’t even pay attention to the girls he chose. We couldn’t stop holding our breath the entire ceremony because we were nervous that Tara was going to throw up or fall off the stairs.

In general, we were pleasantly surprised by Chris’ choices. Ashley scared us throughout the entire episode, but she will make for great TV. We knew something big was happening at the Rose Ceremony, but Kimberly walking back in to steal Chris away for a little bit was aggressive, but we felt bad for her so we were happy. This season looks like a good one; we will be back next week!


Johnny McCarthy
Britt: First Impression Rose
Megan: Makeup Artist

Mrs. Pistol
Britt: First Impression Rose
Kelsey: Widow
Becca: Personal Favorite

Mr. Pistol
Britt: First Impression Rose
Jade: Most down-to-earth
Kaitlyn: The funniest


This first episode got us so excited, we couldn’t help ourselves. Pistol and Johnny think a Wolves player ought to become the Bachelor. We had to think of a guy on our team that could possibly be the best bachelor yet and we both agreed on Jake Chelios. Jake is young enough to be open to the idea, and he has a fun, energetic personality that would be attractive to many women. ABC, if you need us to work on Jake, just let us know.

Let us know what you guys thought about the episode and our recap on Twitter at @PistolPat20 and @MrsPistol12. Leave us your final three predictions, and if you are right, you’ll have a chance to win a Pat Cannone Prize Pack!