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The Bachelor: Season 19 Ep. 2 Recap

I (Natalie) want to let everyone know how dedicated Pat and Johnny are. All the way from Iowa, they insisted on expressing their opinions for Week 2. They are hooked.


We LOVE the second episode of a Bachelor series. What better than a two-hour follow-up to the juicy premiere last week, the Kimberly situation, and group dates and one-on-ones starting!

Oh, Chris. Poor guy. All the girls that are sent home on the first night always cry, and feel like they didn’t have enough time to “meet” him. Kimberly was the only girl that had the nerve to beg Chris in person. And Chris, the nice guy that he is, couldn’t say no. Good luck, Kimberly, all the girls now officially hate you.


Group date first? ALWAYS! This is the only time girls are excited about a group date because it’s the first date the entire season. We figured the date would have to do with water. What better than a group of girls in bikinis and Chris Soules showing off his new trim body (thanks to his BFF Cody)? Chris, officially the fastest man we have ever seen take off his zip-up hoodie.

Of course the girls left at the house were wearing swimsuits while drunk (with the mentality of “Let’s try and show off our bodies when we feel sad about ourselves because we are not on the group date and drink to forget that we had to have a sensor on our body over our bathing suit.”).

Six girls in bathing suits…on a slow tractor…in the middle of the street…followed up with one-on-one time on a tractor while drinking champagne and sharing a seat…only to find out that the group date is over and it is now a one-on-one date: definition of the worst date ever (except for Mackenzie).

Lucky Mackenzie, alone with Chris and clearly excited to drink, decides to ask him about aliens, and tell him about her son hoping Chris doesn’t think she’s a psychopath (red flag).


She’s from Nashville. Johnny McCarthy called it. Safe choice by Chris Soules. Nashville could be similar to Iowa (in the south, country vibe), cute blonde, and no red flags yet (although he doesn’t know that the night before, she broke into his house and wore his motorcycle helmet into his cabinets).

Great first date, Chris. A private jet with wine, a helicopter ride around the Grand Canyon, and a picnic with wine again. When in doubt, pack wine. Although the conversation on the date was a bit depressing right away, we were happy that we didn’t have second-hand embarrassment, the connection seemed pretty normal, very few awkward silences.


All the girls were so mad that A) they have to go on a date about death and B) they were chosen for the second group date. Amber, don’t worry. We would drink Fireball shots also if we realized that our night consisted of killing zombies with crazy Ashley shooting paintball guns (Katelyn clearly understood the general concern as well).

Kimberly, Tara, Mackenzie, Tandra, Chris, and Ashley I. join Bachelor Chris Soules on a group date pool party.
Credit: ABC/Rick Rowell

Kaitlyn stood out for us (and clearly Chris as well) on this group date. She almost seems a little too cool for Chris the Farmer and she is hilarious when she describes Ashley S. It was clear that Chris Soules was terrified when Ashley S. asked him to hide; he was probably thinking, “If cameras were not around, we would not be going on this walk alone in the dark.” Ashley, Ashley, ASHLEY! We were speechless when Ashley ended her night by talking to a black cat on the sidewalk, face down.

Side Note: We all think Jordan (drunk student), Ashley S. (crazy paintballer) and Tara (drunk girl from Night 1) should all hang out when this show is over. Ashley can be crazy and Tara and Jordan will be too drunk to realize how insane she actually is.


Whitney is really stepping up the “no date all week” game. Genius to involve his favorite drink and to create a one-on-one. Well done, Whitney. Impressive.

Oh, so the virgin Kardashian look-alike (Ashley I.) decides to have the most aggressive make-out session after having Chris rub her genie belly button ring for a wish? We have officially seen it all.

Couldn’t. Handle. Jordan. at the cocktail party. Clearly Chris couldn’t either. He probably had déjà vu from last week.

A little confused as to why Tara was narrating this rose ceremony. Maybe it was because she was actually sober and remembered it this time. We laughed almost as hard as Jillian when she took that fall; she played it off well and incredible how no one else laughed.

The only girl we were shocked about (with the rest of the Bachelor nation) was Ashley S. We are convinced that ABC is paying Chris Soules to choose Ashley S. There is no way after her group date Chris can see her on his farm in Iowa.

Let us know what you think. We can’t wait to tune in next week!

Here are our top three girls after this eventful Week 2:


Johnny McCarthy
Megan: One-on-one date this week
Ashley I.: Couch make-out

Mr. Pistol
Ashley I.

Mrs. Pistol
Britt: The only non-awkward kisser so far
Whitney: Loved her improv during the cocktail ceremony
Kaitlyn: Cooler than Chris

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