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The Bachelor: Season 19 Ep. 3 Recap

Oh, wait! Jimmy Kimmel is staying the entire episode? Weird, we assumed the awkward commercials from last week were just a way for ABC to promote two shows at once. We are confused as to why Jimmy Kimmel was selected to be Chris’s partner in crime during the entire episode. Do they even know each other? Or is he there to just cause drama and screw Chris over?

We know for sure that they are not friends from home (just a guess, but there is no way Jimmy Kimmel is from a farm in Iowa with 427 people). We aren’t complaining, though. We enjoyed Jimmy Kimmel’s guest appearance; he literally says what everyone else is thinking and wondering.

THE AMAZING JAR is the best idea ever. We also think that there could be a “like” jar and then when the show is narrowed down to 10 girls or so there should be a “love” jar (the girls start to throw out love all the time).


Right after First Date card was announced, Pistol looked at Mrs. Pistol and said: “Are we really surprised that Katelyn was chosen first? I am not surprised. At all.”

No, Pistol, no one is surprised. Katelyn is definitely the leading girl we like to watch on dates. She somehow doesn’t make it awkward at all and shockingly makes Bachelor Chris seem relaxed.

It was GENIUS of ABC to have Jimmy Kimmel create the dates. Finally we could laugh during the dates and not cringe the entire time in second-hand embarrassment! We are assuming Katelyn regretted her outfit choice once they pulled up at Costco (probably not the normal attire to wear a crop top and a skirt to shop there).

The couch conversation was great. Again, Katelyn just completely led the convo and Chris just tried to look into her eyes (we think he looks away during a lot of conversations and it’s extremely uncomfortable to watch).

Katelyn is so lucky to have an automatic awkward breaker during a first date. If it was awkward, Jimmy Kimmel would say the most appropriate icebreaker. Perfect timing (had to be planned), right when the kiss was getting a little too long, Jimmy joined them with a present.

WOAH! The sex conversation brought up on the first date…and they televised it! Probably a first for the show. If we had to describe Katelyn and Chris’s date we would say, “A hilarious drunken bourbon cookout with Jimmy Kimmel grilling Katelyn with questions while pretending Chris isn’t there.”


The reactions from the girls when they hear their name on the Group Date card are priceless: “Yay,” “Goodie” and “Cool” all were said with no excitement and a frown on their faces.

This is Mrs. Pistol’s idea of a miserable date. She would purposely try to break the yolk during the egg station so she could politely excuse herself from the rest of it (a.k.a., avoid drinking goat milk). How did Carly the cruise ship singer end up winning this challenge?  We don’t mind Carly: she seems semi-normal and nice and worked really hard to get that alone time, so she deserved it. We are concerned with Carly’s career; Carly probably can’t sing on cruises out in Arlington, Iowa.

Kelsey really moved down in our ratings during this group date. She should probably just let Chris come and talk to her and never go up to him and ask about kissing — ever again. We loved Becca on this group date. She was so down-to-earth and said all the right things to attract Chris.

Great rose choice, Chris! Although it was clear that Ashley didn’t approve by showing the most obvious disgust face immediately after he announced Becca’s name (it was quick, but if you DVR’d the show it’s worth a rewind).  

SIDE NOTE: Jillian needs to calm down with her workout routine. It’s probably not good that her butt doesn’t fit in her shorts. Too many squats. 


Did they mean to match? Hopefully the bright pink shirts were a coincidence. We bet Chris is regretting saying that he likes spontaneous girls after Whitney decides to crash a nearby wedding nearby. We wondered if people would actually notice that they were uninvited. Then we thought about our wedding and neither of us would have questioned a random couple at our wedding; we would just assume the other one knew them.

Whitney is such a good fake storyteller; everything she was saying was totally believable. This date just moved Whitney way up our lists, we love them together and we think she will make it far!


The pool party at the house in lieu of a cocktail party didn’t go over well with Ashley I., the Kardashian wannabe: A large amount of makeup unfortunately doesn’t stay in place in a pool. Chris was on an emotional rollercoaster at the pool party. He was so happy with 10 girls in the pool and then gets asked to go away and have the most depressing conversation ever.

Britt loves kissing and making out — a lot. Jade, wow, aggressive…trying the bed out in Chris’s house in white high heels while scary Jillian is outside waiting for him! Jillian completely rules the girls in the house. If she wants alone time, she tells them and they run away as fast as they can. The three girls scared of Jillian are embarrassing themselves, making a pack, and then ASKING Jillian if they can come back in after they gave her alone time, and then letting Jillian tell them they can’t have alone time (her muscles would scare us away too).  

Nothing like making him wait a little, Ashley I. She immediately responded to Chris when he asked where she was: “I’M HERE! I’m right here! Hello! Chris? YAY!” (We really hope she is a little drunk to explain her constant crying sessions and sexual kissing). If Ashley S. isn’t acting up (zombie killer from last episode), Ashley I. takes over. Stay away from the Ashleys, Chris. That’s our advice to you!

Whoops, Chris! He can’t get her half-naked body on his bed with cheap white shoes out of his mind. Smart to call her first, get that elephant out of the room immediately!

There were a couple surprises during this rose ceremony. We did not expect him to choose Kelsey after the whole kissing conversation AND keep Ashley S. even after no date that week! We figured he would choose Ashley I. after their one-on-one time, even though her reaction was obnoxious and probably a huge turnoff. Overall we were not shocked with his final choices. There wasn’t one girl that we actually knew that he let go except for Amber. We will miss her Fireball drinking and awkward dancing.

Mr. & Mrs. Pistol’s Top 3: (Shocked we agree!)
Becca: Group Date rose winner
Katelyn: First one-on-one date
Whitney: Wedding Crasher

Thanks again for reading our blog this week! We would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and let us know who you think are the top three after this week! 

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