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The Bachelor: Season 19 Ep. 7 & Ep. 8 Recap

What a tease in the beginning of Sunday night’s episode! We waited ALL week for a rose ceremony (although the double goodbye to Ashley I. and The Black Widow Kelsey was almost as good as an actual rose ceremony) and Chris decided to call it off. Typical.

In Chris’s defense, we definitely think the remaining girls are good for him and it was pretty genius of him to wait until the girls actually see his hometown before he lets another go! With that being said, we couldn’t be more excited to experience all the reactions. Off to Iowa the girls go!

Jade’s One-on-One

Well, we love Jade, though we are a bit concerned about the nude photo stage she went through back in the day. A girl who posed for Playboy in a town of 423 people doesn’t seem to fit. On another note, Britt’s reaction was RIDICULOUS. Get over it, Britt: You knew you were going on “The Bachelor” and you knew you wouldn’t be the only girl. Let Jade enjoy her three-hour car ride alone to a deserted town!

We were initially speechless once Jade walked out of the car and saw that 99 percent of the buildings were empty and that there wasn’t one other person in the “downtown” area – and it was clear Jade felt the same way as us. Hopefully Jade is ready to quit her job and literally get food for dinner from her backyard. We mostly were concerned with the alcohol, as in where do people in Arlington get alcohol? I mean, we assume with nothing else to do besides farming, alcohol is a must-have!

Overall, we thought Jade did fantastic given the circumstances of her date: the initial shock of Chris’s town, driving three hours there and back alone, going to a high school football game and meeting his parents and extended family, and she still really liked him at the end. Job well done, Jade! (PS: Did anyone else notice the football players in the band? First time seeing that for the Pistols).

Whitney’s One-on-One

Whitney is just so adorable and easy to watch with Chris! The pictures they took looked like their actual engagement photos. Even better, she seems so comfortable with the idea of living on a farm with his family. Whitney’s family story was so depressing, but so perfect that Chris’s parents seem loving and welcoming!

HUGE bonus: Whitney was so good with Chris’s friends, and we both could tell that won her major bonus points.

Group Date

Our summary of this date: Britt is a conceited, jealous human who cries at awkward times. Love that Kaitlyn got the rose on the group date, but can we really see Kaitlyn living in Iowa? Unfortunately not, but we still really like her!


YES! HOMETOWN dates!!!

Will Britt stay or leave? We both agree that it’s a ‘ripping off the Band-Aid’ situation. Just get it over with, Brit. Leave so we don’t have to hear you cry about how you clearly don’t fit in Chris’s life.

We both got so excited and had hope when we saw Chris’s loft, but then we realized that he doesn’t own it. It’s his ‘place of stay’ for the Iowa visit…bummer.

Rose Ceremony No. 1

WHAT? Britt is all about herself; her true colors are shining through. Yikes. Oh, Britt, you are clearly delusional. You are on THE BACHELOR and, FYI, it is a show about multiple women dating the same man. Also, we think the real reason behind Britt wanting to leave is because Iowa is terrifying to her.

We couldn’t agree more with what the girls were saying about Britt. WHY was she continuing to interrupt Chris and trying to make herself look good, and then she just abruptly left? She really wanted him to beg her to stay. She couldn’t stand the fact that she was getting dumped, clearly with the sob fest on the side of the road. WHERE is the limo for Britt? The Bachelor limo is always there on time.

Poor Carly. It was obvious it was her time, who else would he send home? Just so unfortunate she went home right after Britt was sent home – she only got to enjoy it for three minutes.

Becca’s Hometown Date

Chris and Becca. Photo: ABC/Terri Eddington

Becca brought her “A” game to her hometown date…until she told Chris he was the first guy to meet her parents. As if it wasn’t already awkward enough. So, basically, what Becca’s sister said was that her entire family knows she’s a virgin and a sugar donut is his “dessert” that night.

Becca’s mom hates the idea of “The Bachelor” and, instead of helping her daughter, she basically told Chris that they will hate him if Becca isn’t chosen. Is it us, or did this hometown date seem extremely uneventful and short? Either Becca’s dad is not good on TV or he hates Chris.

Whitney’s Hometown Date

CHICAGO! Whitney’s co-workers were so excited to be on TV. It was hilarious, the lady wouldn’t let them be alone and she followed them everywhere. Oh, we definitely didn’t think Whitney would make him “release himself,” but her co-worker was dead serious.

We assume that Whitney regrets telling Chris to talk to her sister for her hand in marriage (we loved her response, though). Bet she wishes she told him to ask her uncle. We truly think that Whitney is in love with Chris!

Kaitlyn’s Hometown Date

Is Kaitlyn a professional singer on the side or does she just like to be in awkward, embarrassing situations? Kaitlyn is so good at rapping. Chris is not at all, he is really really bad. Of course, Kaitlyn’s family was the most relaxed and open to the idea of “The Bachelor.” What a great idea to put a billboard up. Chris loved the “Kaitlyn <3 Chris” message, for sure.

Jade’s Hometown Date

Jade’s family is nothing like her. NOTHING. We are sure Chris loves talking to her dad in front of a cabinet full of guns (not). Jade should have probably talked to her family about the nude photos before Chris spoke to them.

The entire time jade was talking to Chris about Playboy, his facial expressions never changed. It was incredible how he just sat there with no movement. WHY would Jade offer to show Chris her naked photos? She’s basically saying, “Hey, look how easy it is to find my nude photos. There is even a video of me naked!”

Why was jade walking out in her socks? There were so many strange moments during this date, it left us confused.

Rose Ceremony No. 2

Even though Chris denied it, Jade has to know her Playboy past sent her home. We totally agree.

FANTASY SUITE NEXT WEEK. We can’t wait until that episode: a bunch of awkward moments that make the best entertainment.

Where did this season go? We’re already down to three girls, how crazy! Instead of our top 3, we are just going to predict our top 2 until the week before the finale! Let us know if you agree or disagree on Twitter at @PistolPat20 and @MrsPistol12. Leave us your final predictions, and if you are right, you’ll have a chance to win a Pat Cannone Prize Pack!

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