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The Bachelor: Season 19 Ep. 9 Recap

The Final 3 girl drama, the fantasy suite awkwardness, and Becca’s virgin secret all in ONE episode! How did we get so lucky? We totally give Chris props for straight up admitting the overnight date is necessary in order to propose. At least he is honest and realistic!

Kaitlyn’s Date:

We think Chris is delusional when he says he can see a future with Kaitlyn. She is way too cool to live on a deserted farm, but a guy can wish! OK, these monkeys in Bali were extremely terrifying, they kind of reminded us of the scary monkeys from the movie “Jumanji”. In other words, we both were freaking out for Chris, and we would never allow the monkey invasion to happen to us.

Do people in Bali watch the Bachelor? If not, how creepy of the natives to take a million photos of two people they know nothing of (Bali paparazzi were present during the monkey invasion).

Wow. So impressed with how Kaitlyn handled herself during their ‘serious’ talk, especially since it looked like she may pass out from heat stroke.

Overall from the previews we have seen, Kaitlyn got real screwed on this date (an attack of wild monkeys and a basket-carrying experience). It ended up being a bit boring for us. Bummer!

Whitney’s Date:

Whitney is definitely the frontrunner in our opinion, and she is the easiest for us to watch with Chris (we don’t cover our eyes as much with Whitney and Chris).

We want to go sailing in Bali after seeing this date, although we would probably try to get a boat where the captain knew what he was doing (we enjoyed his enormous smile with a thumbs-up, though).

Did anyone else notice that Whitney did majority of the talking on the boat, and Chris just sat there and stared at her? Whitney seemed completely OK with the nonverbal cues, but we were so confused with Chris’s silent treatment (drink more wine, Chris!).

Uh, were Chris and Whitney in the same place during this serious talk? Whitney looked like she was cold, but Chris was sweating bullets and his face was bright red. We completely believe Whitney when she says she could make living in Arlington work. We don’t really understand how she could live there, but we believe her!

Becca’s Date

We are dying to know what the man in pajamas carrying leaves up the mountain thinks of a random couple making out in his cornfield. How lucky is Becca? She gets to talk to a man who ‘knows’ everything and can answer any question! Mrs. Pistol will make sure to hunt that man down whenever they visit Bali.

OK, Chris, this is your third date in Bali: there is no excuse to why you shouldn’t be wearing a short-sleeved shirt! The long-sleeve pastel shirts just enhance the amount of sweat coming out of your body.

Yup. The fantasy suite/virgin talk was just as awkward as we imagined it would be. Actually, it was more awkward and we hated every second of it. Chris, definitely not the time to be speechless (literally) after Becca told you that she is a virgin. Longest 15 seconds ever.

WOAH. Wait, so did Becca admit at the end of her date she was giving up her virginity to Chris? All we can think is: hopefully her family is NOT watching this episode. Hopefully Chris Harrison gets to the bottom of this serious talk Chris and Becca had. The nosy sides of us really came into full force during this episode.

Rose Ceremony

We loved how Chris Harrison really went all out as the host of this show, even dressing the part in Bali.

Well, Becca and Chris’s talk was the biggest tease of this entire season. We for sure thought she was gone. We were on the same page with Kaitlyn. Oh, no! Poor Kaitlyn, what an emotional rollercoaster. She thought she was going to meet his family for sure and now she goes home. How miserable!

Overall we were not completely shocked, but that talk at the end was a twist that threw us for a little loop. Also, clearly Chris didn’t plan the exit talk too well. That was just so painful to watch.

The girls tell all next week. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

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We agree that Whitney will get the final rose!