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The Bachelor: Season 19 Finale Recap

Well, I think most of us can agree that this Bachelor finale was one of the most boring, uneventful finales in the history of this show! Whitney is just way too perfect for this entire farm situation. In the end it was obvious that Becca was his first choice, but she realized that there was no way she was making the move to the no man’s land that is Iowa (we don’t blame you one bit, Becca).

Chris’s family seems semi-normal, except that there is a large amount of them that is OK with living in the middle of nowhere. Other than that we could see ourselves having a drink with them and not being bored — always a good sign!


Becca became one of the first girls that was so honest with the family, brutally honest (hinting at the awkward moments during the talk with Chris’s mom). Chris’s mom was legit. She just straight up told Becca exactly how she feels.

Side note: Throughout this entire episode, Chris’s solo walks in the cornfield were painful to watch.

We were completely shocked how obvious it was that Chris really wanted Becca and how he made it clear the entire episode! Genius idea of Whitney (and Chris) not to watch the series. Mr. Pistol and I agree that Whitney seems like the jealous type, and the finale would just throw her over the edge, 100 percent.

We respect the fact that Becca was so honest and truthful with Chris, even if her answers were not the ones he wanted to hear. It was the worst second-hand embarrassment we have ever experienced, but we still give her a lot of credit!


WHOA! Whitney was overjoyed and beyond happy about being on Chris’s farm and watching him ride a tractor. It’s just way too unrealistic, right? Great acting job by Whitney. she definitely made it seem that she was genuinely happy, but we just don’t buy it.

Whitney was phenomenal at answering questions, whether it was a question from Chris or his family. She always seemed to respond immediately with the perfect answer. Impressive.

OK, so it was obvious that Chris was going with the safe bet and choosing Whitney, but WHY was Whitney talking during the proposal? Wasn’t Chris supposed to be doing the talking? It was bad enough that they were in the middle of nowhere in a freezing barn, Chris probably should have taken the initiative and started the conversation before he proposed!

LOVED how his family showed up at the end, everyone seemed so happy. Our immediate thought was “Wow, his parents literally can walk to wherever they are for the rest of their lives,” but that is why we don’t live on a farm!


BORING! Here are our three observations:

  1. Becca looked amazing, and we could only imagine how miserable Chris was on the inside during their conversation.
  2. Whitney’s dress was meant to be a shirt, and there were a lot of awkward moments during Chris Harrison’s interview with the newly engaged couple.
  3. We are happy for Chris and Whitney. We are a bit concerned for their future, but in the meantime they seem to be doing OK!

We truly had the best time blogging and sharing our thoughts with all of you during this season of The Bachelor! Thank you all for your comments, and for joining us during this awkward, hilarious, mind-boggling show! We CAN’T wait for the Bachelorette competition!

Thank you again,
The Pistols