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Breed: Large Drooling Beast

Owner Name: John Chauvet

Adoption: November 2003 I got Duke, then named Clyde by CACC, at a Wolves game in November of 2003 as a companion for my aging mother.

I came to the game that night looking for a pet. I brought a tennis ball with me just in case. The dogs were all being handled outside their cages in the vast East lobby of the Allstate Arena so I saw my chance.

I rolled my tennis ball across the floor and this skinny, gawky black dog was the only one to show any reaction. That’s my dog, I thought, so I began the process of adoption,.

During the interview, I was told that Duke was about a year old and a border collie mix and probably wouldn’t get much bigger. I should have taken a look at his huge paws.

Duke made a great companion for our family and took to us from day one, But he kept growing. And growing. Finally topping out at 110 lbs of furballishness. A trip to my vet told the story. She estimated that Duke was still a puppy and of Newfoundland and Chow mix.

We had never had a dog so large or full of life. Unfortunately, my mom passed away within a year. Duke would sit by her chair in the kitchen for hours waiting for his treat. I re-adopted Duke and he has been my faithful companion ever since. We’ve been to 27 states and Canada.

He loves fishing, boat rides and driving in the car. He is starting to show his age now and I have to lift him sometimes and help him up stairs. I regret that his time may be coming, but will never regret that cold November day I brought him home. I was a Wolves season ticket holder for 9 years and he is my #1 best memory.

Thanks to Don Levin and CACC for the great time Duke and I have shared.

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