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Traded to Vegas: Lindberg Adjusts to Life in Chicago

Wolves forward Tobias Lindberg comes from one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Not only is Stockholm, Sweden, known for its beauty, it’s known for producing terrific hockey players.

Wolves sideline reporter Mark Citron recently sat down with Lindberg, who joined the team early this season after being acquired from the Toronto Maple Leafs in a deal for Vegas goaltender Calvin Pickard.

Q: Explain to the fans what kind of player you are.

A: An all-around player. I see myself playing me anywhere on the power play or penalty kill — wherever the team needs me to be. I am more of a defensive forward, but can also get to the net or make plays for my teammates.

Q: Tomas Hyka just called over to you to make sure you have a ride. He just passed his driver’s exam a few weeks ago. You can’t drive?

A: No, I must go through the learner’s permit and everything. In Stockholm, you walk everywhere. Every city I played in before Chicago you could just walk everywhere. It is kind of strange going to the DMV seeing all the teenagers getting their license when I do not have mine yet, but I am just going through the process like Tomas did.

Q: Who is the worst chirper or trash-talker on the team?

A: Has to be (goaltender Kasimir) Kaskisuo. The guy can’t say a bad thing about anyone. Even when he tries to, it’s hilarious.

Q: If you had to plan your last meal in the world, what would it be?

A: My mom’s Swedish pancakes.

Q: Who has the worst style on the team?

A: Wally (defenseman Jake Walman). He loves to wear gray slacks all the time.
Don’t know what that is about.

Q: Favorite road city?

A: Toronto, by far. Since we don’t play there, though, I’ll say Tucson, Arizona. I am looking forward to that trip.