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Coming into his own: Max Lagace

Wolves goaltender Max Lagace turns 25 on Friday. That doesn’t mean he stops having fun or playing video games, but the young netminder has shown he is mature beyond his age. It was only a little more than a month ago Lagace won his sixth National Hockey League game of the season, backstopping the Vegas Golden Knights to a victory over the Dallas Stars with 36 saves on Dec. 9.

Wolves sideline reporter Mark Citron sat down with the Quebec native to learn some insights about living in Sin City and living with Wolves defenseman Chris Casto, among other topics.

Q: What was the biggest thing you took from being in Vegas that helped you improve your goaltending?

A: We worked on a few things. How I challenge guys, how I read the play, and I think the biggest thing I gained is experience. You never know until you get there if you can be in the (NHL), so I think that is a big boost of confidence when you get to experience it. All the staff really helped me gain confidence and feel good. Getting a taste of it makes me want it even more.

Q: Describe your housing situation in Vegas.

A: I was living at a resort, at the Red Rock Hotel (editor’s note: Technically known as the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa). Obviously, it is a sick city, and I got to visit it a little bit, but we had a lot of games so I didn’t experience the going-out part. I think maybe in the summer I can explore that a bit more when there is more time.

Q: How did you get into playing goalie?

A: The equipment just attracted me to it. Something about being young and just seeing it made me want to play goalie.

Q: Why do you wear number 33?

A: Patrick Roy was my hockey idol growing up, so that is the reason.

Q: What do you like to do off the ice?

A: I like to go shopping. I like video games. I am not a Call of Duty guy, though. Grand Theft Auto is pretty fun. I hope they come out with another one.

Q: Where do you like to shop? Do you have a particular boutique or place here or in Montreal you like to go to?

A: Not really. I am really into fashion a lot. I like clothing. My roommate, Chris Casto, chirps me a lot about it — saying I wear a girl’s wardrobe a lot. We have fun with it all the time, though. It’s funny.

Q: Talk to me about you and Chris Casto rooming together.

A: It is all just fun and joking around. His room is literally over the garage. Every morning when I start my truck up, I blare my horn. It is a monstrous noise and vibrates the whole house. I et you our neighbors don’t like us too much (laughs).

Q: Favorite cheat meal on an off-day?

A: When I have time, poutine. Poutine is pretty much my go-to. You have to have the right cheese curds, though.

Q: Craziest hockey experience of your life?

A: I am trying to think. That is a tough question. I got to play in my hometown in Montreal, which was special and that was crazy. Being in Vegas was insane.

Q: Vegas goalie Marc-Andre Fleury is a Québec native himself. Even though he was hurt while you were with Vegas, did he show you any of the ropes or give you any words of advice?

A: He talked to me every once in awhile when I was there or would text me when I was on the road. He helped me out a lot. He is a really, really, really nice guy and obviously, he is a big name in hockey and a hometown guy in Montreal. It was really nice to experience that.

Q: Any celebrations for your birthday?

A: No, I don’t think too much. I don’t really like to go out when we have games ahead. We are away (in California), so just winning would be a nice birthday present.