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PODCAST: Project Thrive

The Chicago Wolves and the Same Here Global Mental Health Movement have teamed up to create “Project Thrive,” a multi-faceted plan to change the conversation about mental health in Chicago and provide opportunities for people all over North America to learn from national experts in integrative health.

The Wolves will host Zoom Sessions two Thursday nights per month to share information on Sleep, Connecting with Nature, Stress, Diet, Self-Awareness and other subjects that affect everyone’s mental health and well-being. #SameHere Global founder Eric Kussin hosts the first Zoom at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4, so Wolves podcast co-host Jason Shaver checks in with Eric as well as Wolves Group Event Specialist Leslie Metcalf to explain how Project Thrive can help everyone. They both have a wonderful way comparing mental health to physical health and ways to feel better.

Learn more about Project Thrive and to join any or all of the Zoom sessions.

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