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PODCAST: Getting To Know Defenseman Jeremy Davies and Center Jamieson Rees

As the Wolves keep rolling, podcast co-hosts Imran Javed and Jason Shaver keep delivering the goods! In this week’s episode, Jason and Bill Gardner help you get to know defenseman Jeremy Davies and forward Jamieson Rees. Davies, who leads the AHL in assists, spent part of his junior career in Bloomington, Illinois, while Rees, who scored two goals Sunday two days after turning 20, grew up watching AHL hockey in Hamilton, Ontario. Rees was in the arena when the high-scoring Wolves faced Hamilton goaltender Carey Price in the 2007 Western Conference Finals (he was rooting for the wrong team, but Jason and Billy don’t hold that against him).

And don’t worry: This episode isn’t all about hockey. Jason, a native Minnesotan, enlightens Imran, a native Chicagoan, about the culinary masterpiece that is the Minnesota Hot Dish. All that and more in this week’s Life Under The Pandemic podcast!

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