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Q-and-A with David Cotton

Last season, David Cotton became just the third rookie in the Chicago Wolves’ 27-year history to lead the team in goals. The powerful center from Parker, Texas, produced 14 goals in just 26 games to help the Wolves capture yet another Central Division title.

With a year of professional hockey under his belt, the 24-year-old Cotton has set his sights higher for the 2021-22 season. We caught up with him as prospect camp approaches in North Carolina.

Q: What have you been up to this summer?
A: I was down in Dallas for most of the offseason just training. Outside of that I tried to golf and spend time with the family as much as possible. I came out to Raleigh about three weeks ago to get some training in here before camp gets started.

Q: Any other Canes prospects come down there with you?
A: Jack Drury and I came out here at the same time.

Q: Top memory of the summer?
A: Getting my first hole in one was definitely the peak of the summer!

Q: What have you been working on training-wise during the offseason?
A: I’ve been trying to focus on the base strength aspect as much as possible and starting to incorporate more explosive movements with that strength. I’ve also been working on the conditioning aspect too, especially because this season will be a full year. Overall, I always just try to come back stronger and faster than the year before.

Q: How would you describe your first year a pro last season and what are you looking forward to in Year 2?
A: The first year was overall a great experience given all of the obstacles we had to face between COVID and having two organizations, but we all were able to make it work and I think that showed with our record and success on the ice. This upcoming year, I’m definitely looking forward to getting in front of some fans and competing for a trophy.