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Where To Donate Electronics and Media

The following organizations accept electronic device and media donations:


  • Savers Thrift Superstore
  • Flood Brothers Disposal & Recycling Services
  • Salvation Army: CDs, cell phones, computer monitors, computer systems, DVDs, radios, stereos, and tablets
  • Common Pantry: Computers and printers
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago: answering machines, computer hard drives, computer printers, computer systems, DVD players, laptops, LED/LCD or Plasma TVs, VCRs, computers, LED/LSD or Plasma monitors, computer software and accessories, small copiers, small fax machines, radios, stereo equipment, tapes, telephones, video equipment, keyboards, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and calculators
  • Illinois AMVETS: cell phones, personal computers, laptops, video games and systems, CDs and CD players, fax machines, printers, radios, records and record players, portable stereos, VCRs, and flat screen TVs
  • Goodwill: desktop computers, stereos, video games, DVDs and CDs, and VHS tapes
  • Brown Elephant