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French Class Player Visits

During the season, French-speaking Wolves players visited local high school French classes. The program usually runs about an hour long (or the length of a class period), and is recommended for the more advanced classes. This is because we encourage the class to be conducted entirely in French, or as closely as possible.

Typically, the player will start the class by talking about himself; where he came from, how he started playing hockey, how he ended up here, etc. After he is done, we will open it up to a question and answer session. The students prepare questions for the players and address them in French, which gives students the opportunity to both listen and speak with a native French speaker. Of course each class/school is different, and we can coordinate the curriculum with teachers prior to the visit. We also try our best to leave time at the end for autographs and pictures for the students.

If you would like information about the French Class program or are interested in participating, please contact Tony Domalewski at (847) 832-1985 or adomalewski@chicagowolves.com.