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Mental Health Awareness Jersey Design Details

Chicago Wolves players wore exclusive Mental Health Awareness jerseys, presented by Campfire Marshmallows, on January 28 and 29.

These commemorative jerseys were available to own through a variety of initiatives, including silent and blind auctions, as well as a golden ticket raffle. Proceeds benefitted Chicago Wolves Charities, driven by Kia, and mental health awareness-related charities including Erika’s Lighthouse, Same Here Global and others.


Butterfly References

Butterflies often represent a natural growth and transformation, starting life as a caterpillar then developing into a vibrant, colorful insect with the power and freedom to fly. This shows us that we always have the ability to change and evolve into something greater.


A semi-colon through the lens of mental health is a symbol of solidarity between those of us who live and struggle with a mental illness or who have lost someone to suicide. The semi-colon is used by many to demonstrate their winning battle against all odds. It is a perfect and constant reminder that their story isn’t over!

Shoulder Patch Semi-Colon Sol Invictus

It stands for the zenith sun that wipes away all darkness and serves as a beacon of hope that the future is certain, even if difficult times arrive.

Brain Pattern Striping Color References

  • Green: international symbol for mental health awareness
  • Gray: borderline personality disorder
  • Lime green: childhood depression
  • Teal: dissociative disorder, OCD, PTSD, schizophrenia
  • Orange: ADHD
  • Lilac or periwinkle: eating disorder
  • Black & White: bipolar disorder

Phrases in Green Stripes

You are not alone; There is Hope; It is OK to not be okay; End the Stigma; You are enough; You matter; Be kind to your mind