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Skates Mates Kids Club FAQ

Skates Mates Frequently Asked Questions!

If I signed my child or children up for the Rookie membership, but I would like to upgrade them to the All-Star membership, can I do that in the middle of the season?
Yes, you can upgrade to the All-Star membership at any time to receive All-Star benefits.

How many free tickets can my child receive if he/she is an All-Star member?
One per month for the whole season, not including the playoffs.

How do I redeem my child’s free ticket and purchase additional tickets for our family?
Fill out the monthly ticket form, scan or take a picture of it, and email it to [email protected]

How do I access the ticket form to order tickets?
Each month, the ticket form is emailed to All-Star members and the ticket forms will also be available online on the Skates Mates page of the Chicago Wolves website.

How do I find out about the latest news, updates and information regarding Skates Mates?
The email that you provide at checkout will be the contact email that we use to send all information, so please use the best email when checking out.

When purchasing additional tickets, can I upgrade to sit in a closer row or better section?
Yes, you can upgrade your tickets for a higher price point if those seats are available for that specific game.

If I’m ordering tickets, do I have to fill out a separate order form for each child that is a Skates Mates member?
No, just fill out one form for the entire ticket order and make sure to list the names of all Skates Mates members in the field labeled: “Member’s Name(s):”

What is Slap Shot Sunday and how can I my child get involved?
Slap Shot Sunday is an on-ice event that takes place twice a year, after the game is over. The two Slap Shot Sunday events this season will take place on Sunday, Dec. 17 after the game against Rockford and Sunday, April 14 after the game against Grand Rapids. Skates Mates All-Star members can go onto the ice to take a shot on our mascot, Skates. This is an All-Star exclusive event, and you must attend the game to participate. Additionally, you must fill out a waiver for each person that will be going out on the ice and submit that waiver via email to [email protected] or bring the completed waiver to the check-in area before the event begins.

What if I forgot to fill out a waiver before coming to the game?
There will be additional blank copies of the waiver that you can fill out for your child to participate in Slap Shot Sunday.

If I purchased a special ticket for an event or theme night, can I combine that with my Skates Mates tickets?
No, Skates Mates tickets CANNOT be redeemed in combination with any other ticket offer.

Can I redeem my child’s free ticket and purchase additional tickets even if I haven’t received my welcome package yet?
Yes, as soon as your order is placed, you will be added to our database and are free to redeem your free tickets by filling out the ticket form.

Can I submit a ticket order the same day as the game?
No, you must submit your ticket order three days before the day of the game.

Once I’ve placed my ticket order, how will I receive my tickets?
You will receive two emails, the first will be a purchase confirmation and the second will have instructions to access your tickets.

What if I’m not so great with technology and I can’t access my tickets via email?
If you can’t access your tickets via email or would prefer a different method, all other tickets will be left at Will Call, which is inside the Box Office, across the street from Allstate Arena. For more information about the Box Office, visit the following webpage: https://www.chicagowolves.com/gameday/a-z-arena-guide/

If my child is a Rookie member, can they redeem more than one free ticket throughout the season?
No, Rookie members are only allowed to redeem one free ticket per member for the entire season.

If I request lower-level center ice tickets, am I guaranteed those seats?
No, tickets are processed on a first-come first-served basis, so set requests are not always guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Can I submit a ticket order for a game that is a few weeks or months away?
Yes, you can submit a ticket order for any home game at any time, but it may not be processed until it’s much closer to game day.

Are there only specific home games when Skates Mates tickets can be redeemed?
No, any home game at Allstate Arena is a “Skates Mates Kids Club Night,” which means you are free to redeem your ticket(s) and purchase tickets for any home game at Allstate Arena, throughout the season.

What if I have a question about something not included on this page?
Please reach out to Charles Cinnamon via email: [email protected] or by phone: 847-832-1985