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Hometown: Rosemont

Years on Wolf Pack: First year!

Pets: Two terriers named Rascal and Dixie!

Charitable Work: Helping Hands

Describe Yourself in Three Words: Adventurous, Determined, Cheerful

Favorite Movies: Harry Potter Series, Miracle, and The Cutting Edge

Favorite T-shirt Toss Song: Everytime We Touch

Favorite TV Show: NCIS or Hawaii Five-O

Favorite Vacation Spot: Italy

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Anything Chocolate

Favorite Parts of a Wolves Game: Connecting eager fans with Skates!

The best thing about working with the Wolf Pack: How eager everyone one of them is to make the night special and fun for all of the fans!

Skates is: Nonstop fun and energetic with some killer dance moves!

Wolves fans are: Dedicated and passionate

Wolves games are: A great time for everyone!