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Hometown: Chicago

Years on Wolf Pack: Second

Pets: I have a Tabby cat named Simba and he’s 2 years old.

Charitable Work: I give free ice skating lessons to underprivileged kids.

Describe Yourself in Three Words: Happy, Athletic, Dependable

Favorite Movies: My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Fifth Element, and The Matrix!

Favorite T-shirt Toss Song: “We Found Love” by Rihanna

Favorite TV Show: The Nanny. I could watch it all day!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Austin, Texas

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite Parts of a Wolves Game: Adopt-A-Dog Nights and the FanCam!

The best thing about working with the Wolf Pack: Working with the girls feels like family rather than co-workers!

Skates is: An amazing dancer!

Wolves fans are: Super-devoted!

Wolves games are: Electrifying and extremely inclusive, which makes it fun for all!