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Season Ticket Member Referral Program

Know someone who can strengthen our pack? It’s time to turn those references into REWARDS! For every friend, client or co-worker who becomes a season ticket member, you’ll earn program rewards. Become a Chicago Wolves ambassador!

Here’s how it works:

  • Provide us with the name and contact information of your referral who may be interested in Wolves season tickets.
  • We will contact them on your behalf with our season ticket specials.
  • When they PURCHASE season tickets, you earn REWARDS.

It’s that simple!

Please contact your Chicago Wolves Representative with any questions about referrals! To submit a referral, please fill out the form below.


Level 1

$390 Minimum in season tickets or group tickets

Watch warm-ups from the penalty box

Level 2

$500 Minimum in season tickets or group tickets

2 Tickets to all first-round postseason games

Level 3

$750 Minimum in season tickets or group tickets

Suite for a game

Level 4

$1,500 Minimum in season tickets or group tickets

All three rewards

* Season Ticket Member receives ONE reward for total referral amount
* Once redeemed, referral amount starts back at 0
* Ticket members can continue to collect or redeem for the duration of the regular season

Program conditions and guidelines:

  • Referred account cannot have prior Chicago Wolves ticket purchasing history.
  • Related corporate entities or members of the same family and/or mailing address are not eligible.
  • Referring account will not receive any rewards until the referred account is Paid-In-Full.
  • The Wolves reserve all rights in determining what a qualified referral is.

Referral Program Form