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Breast Cancer Awareness Night

Join the Chicago Wolves for Breast Cancer Awareness Night on Saturday, Oct. 23, when the Wolves host the Milwaukee Admirals at 7 p.m. at Allstate Arena. The Wolves ask all fans who are attending the game to join the coaches, players, and staff in wearing pink attire in a show of solidarity in the fight against this all-too-common disease.


Fans also have the opportunity to honor a breast cancer survivor of their choice by donating $175 (the cost of a mammogram for someone who can’t afford one) to obtain a one-of-a-kind Breast Cancer stick. Fans also get to choose the Wolves player who will use the stick during the Oct. 23 game against Milwaukee. Before going on the ice, the Wolves player will write the breast cancer survivor’s name on the stick. Each fan will receive their personalized game-used stick as well as a special video greeting from their player.

While Breast Cancer Survivor Sticks will not be available for pick up on Oct. 23 due to COVID-19 protocols, they are available in the following ways:

  • Pick up at a future Wolves home game at the Chicago Wolves Charities Table
  • Delivered to your seats by Skates at a future Wolves home game for an additional $25 donation
  • Delivered by Skates to your home/office for an additional $50 donation
  • Shipped via FedEx

Proceeds benefit A Silver Lining Foundation and Chicago Wolves Charities.

Thank you for your support!