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Wolves Player Jersey Sale

Looking for a game-worn and autographed jersey from one of your favorite Wolves players?

Not only do we have a handful of our Alternate Storm jerseys from the 2021-22 Calder Cup championship season that you can own, we also have game-worn and game-issued jerseys from previous Wolves seasons. Choose your player and jersey color and submit the highest amount you are willing to pay. While the minimum offer is $350, these jerseys often sell for higher than the minimum.


How do the offers work?
Once you submit an offer, we respond to ensure you know it was received. If there already has been a higher offer — or if we subsequently receive a higher offer — we will let you know. We strive for transparency.

When do sales end?
There are no specific expiration dates. If there are relatively few offers on a jersey, then we will close the offer process and declare a winner within a few days. Our goal is to help our fans secure the jerseys they want at a fair price.

Are there shipping costs?
Shipping is included within the United States.

Can I purchase a player’s jersey from a previous season?
If you are interested in specific jerseys or players from previous seasons, please contact Courtney Mahoney at cbmahoney@chicagowolves.com.

Wolves Player Jersey Sale Form

  • All of the jerseys on this list are game-worn and autographed unless otherwise indicated. Once you find a jersey to bid on, use the Player* and Jersey Color* boxes to make your selection. If you're interested in a specific player's jersey and don't see it on this list, please send your request to Courtney Mahoney at cbmahoney@chicagowolves.com.
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 350.